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Gamestomaster has set the standard in Madden Glitches and Cheats and is definitely filling a demand in what Madden gamers wan t. Not just blitzes, not just a scheme, but to see everything for online gaming. It gives you  "practice what you preach" approach. I killed in Madden 15, with Gamestomaster Help Thanks ...KingXX 

 I am very amazed at the time and effort that has been put into each and every guides from Gamestomaster, which includes full text breakdowns for each play along with video play action.. Not to mention the countless tips and money plays that are posted every week here, but i feel that the guides alone have taken my game to a whole new level of play and i am extremely happy as i have been playing madden since the early 90's and have always been a pretty good madden player but i feel my game has really taken a huge step because of these guides amd amazed,with the amount of time and effort that's put into each and every tip. If you want to improve you madden gaming experience you can't go wrong with , MaddenXXKiller 


 Games To Master is 100% what it claims, and then some. David helped me fix a problem even though it was something that went wrong on my end. I emailed him on a Friday night around 8pm and got a response in minutes that fixed me up and had me enjoying NCAA 12 Football again right away. When he says he stands behind what he sells 100% he means it. Even if it is not really HIS problem.
Thanks again David, ....James in SC


I just want to say I enjoy ur weekly updates. My money was well spent here. I was hesitent in the beginning but now I know ur legit. I like the fact that u give out ebook material and extra things not just all glitches. I could care less for the glitches but it feels good to know what Im up against and how to stop it. I just wanted to express my gratitude and say that I will be purchasing ur Madden 12 guide when u release it. Thanks...


I purchased this guide for NCAA 10 and it has done wonders to improve my game. Dave does a great job of covering all defensive playbooks in the game so you have a variety of plays to chose from. The nano set-ups can range from advanced to very easy and he does a great job explaining to you which ones are easy and others that require timing or memorization. Obviously, the NCAA playbooks are many, but Dave covers the main user vs. user playbooks in the game: OU, Boise State, Nevada, Georgia Tech, Alabama, SMU, and Florida. He also goes into detail regarding rocket catching on both the defensive and offensive side of the ball.

Aside from nano set-ups and offensive play set-ups and scheme, Dave also goes into glitches in the game not covered in any guide you will find and several glitches in the game that most forums will not allow their members to post about. He goes into them in detail and explains how they work. While some may see this as teaching the EA football gaming community how to cheat to win games, I find this an excellent tool as a dynasty commissioner.

Here is the biggest selling point to me. Anyone that tries to run a quality dynasty knows that you have to be on top of all glitches and exploits found in the game. As a commissioner of one of these dynasties Dave's guide is my go to when it comes to identifying glitches and exploits and ensuring they are banned and monitored in the dynasty. Whenever I have a question, Dave is also an e-mail away answering my questions. He has helped identify glitches in the game users have exploited on others in my dynasty which has led me to enforce penalities and ban repeat offenders. Within a season of play on my dynasty we had 10 legit playing users and in-line with the rules. Dave's guide and his guidance helped create a very enjoyable dynasty for us that has lasted from August of 2009 to the release of NCAA 2011.

This guide is less expensive then Pr*ma's guide (I was a big fan of VG's Bert before he moved over to the Pr*ma guide) and far more useful. He updates you every week with new plays and set-ups and is there to answer questions for you if certain schemes are bothering you or your confused about a set-up. I woudl highly recommend his guide to any player looking to get better at NCAA games and especially to any commissioner running a NCAA on-line dynasty.

-Mark, Texas