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Madden 17 Glitches Cheats Plays Include:
  • POST PATCH PLAYS - 2-14-17 Patch (New Blitzes, Money Plays, etc)
  • Pause - Freeze - Disconnection Glitch and Counter
  • WR Swerve Glitch
  • HB End Zone Dive Glitch
  • Fumble Glitch Method
  • Man Bump and Run Money Play Route
  • Interception Method 
  • Reading Offense - Before Snap,see if your opponent will Run or Pass before Snap
  • Kick Off Delay Game Glitch
  • FG Delay Game Glitch
  • Better FG Accuracy
  • Deep Pass Glitch
  • Auto Catch Glitch
  • TE Streak Coverage Glitch
  • RB Run or Pass Glitch - Cheesy
  • Base Align Glitch
  • Quick Snap Method
  • Unbumpable Motion Glitch
  • QB Draw - Cheese Play
  • QB Sneak Counters - No Yards
  • Juke Run Method
  • Offense Play Lock Tip
  • Auto 2 Point Conversion
  • Cover 2 Killer Play
  • Explosive Run Plays
  • User Catch
  • Face Catch
  • Double Rocket Catch
  • User Fumble Play
  • DT Tackle Method for Inside Runs
  • Cone Tackle Method
  • Many Money Plays
  • Free Playbook Breakdowns - Philly
  • More Plays coming on upcoming updates

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