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Madden Testimonies:

Gamestomaster has set the standard in Madden Glitches and Cheats and is definitely filling a demand in what Madden gamers wan t. Not just blitzes, not just a scheme, but to see everything for online gaming. It gives you  "practice what you preach" approach. I killed in Madden 15, with Gamestomaster Help

Thanks ...KingXX 

 I am very amazed at the time and effort that has been put into each and every guides from Gamestomaster, which includes full text breakdowns for each play along with video play action.. Not to mention the countless tips and money plays that are posted every week here, but i feel that the guides alone have taken my game to a whole new level of play and i am extremely happy as i have been playing madden since the early 90's and have always been a pretty good madden player but i feel my game has really taken a huge step because of these guides amd amazed,with the amount of time and effort that's put into each and every tip. If you want to improve you madden gaming experience you can't go wrong with Gamestomaster.com 


Games To Master is 100% what it claims, and then some. David helped me fix a problem even though it was something that went wrong on my end. I emailed him on a Friday night around 8pm and got a response in minutes that fixed me up and had me enjoying NCAA 12 Football again right away. When he says he stands behind what he sells 100% he means it. Even if it is not really HIS problem.
Thanks again David,
James in SC

I purchased this guide for NCAA 10 and it has done wonders to improve my game.  Dave does a great job of covering all defensive playbooks in the game so you have a variety of plays to chose from.  The nano set-ups can range from advanced to very easy and he does a great job explaining to you which ones are easy and others that require timing or memorization.  Obviously, the NCAA playbooks are many, but Dave covers the main user vs. user playbooks in the game: OU, Boise State, Nevada, Georgia Tech, Alabama, SMU, and Florida.  He also goes into detail regarding rocket catching on both the defensive and offensive side of the ball.
Aside from nano set-ups and offensive play set-ups and scheme, Dave also goes into glitches in the game not covered in any guide you will find and several glitches in the game that most forums will not allow their members to post about.  He goes into them in detail and explains how they work.  While some may see this as teaching the EA football gaming community how to cheat to win games, I find this an excellent tool as a dynasty commissioner.
Here is the biggest selling point to me.  Anyone that tries to run a quality dynasty knows that you have to be on top of all glitches and exploits found in the game.  As a commissioner of one of these dynasties Dave's guide is my go to when it comes to identifying glitches and exploits and ensuring they are banned and monitored in the dynasty.  Whenever I have a question, Dave is also an e-mail away answering my questions.  He has helped identify glitches in the game users have exploited on others in my dynasty which has led me to enforce penalities and ban repeat offenders.  Within a season of play on my dynasty we had 10 legit playing users and in-line with the rules.  Dave's guide and his guidance helped create a very enjoyable dynasty for us that has lasted from August of 2009 to the release of NCAA 2011.
This guide is less expensive then Pr*ma's guide (I was a big fan of VG's Bert before he moved over to the Pr*ma guide) and far more useful.  He updates you every week with new plays and set-ups and is there to answer questions for you if certain schemes are bothering you or your confused about a set-up.  I woudl highly recommend his guide to any player looking to get better at NCAA games and especially to any commissioner running a NCAA on-line dynasty.
-Mark, Texas

i just want to thank you for the guide this year and i wil be buying from you againg for both again next year.

Hi David,
      Hey man, long time no hear!  Hey dawg, my wife Naomi  purchased the NCAA 10 game for me and also  bought this 2010 Ncaa guide from you as well   (which is smart on her part--I was shocked she located your ads,lol). Anyhoot, since the Demo of ncaa 11  has come out on the PS3 network I have been playing it instead of the 2010 PS3 NCAA game she bought me ( lucky for me she is none-the-wiser and actually believes the demo is the game she purchased for me,lol)  . So I have not really got to utilize these NCAA tips for 2010 NCAA game although from past experiences with your guides I KNOW FOR A FACT they are TOP CLASS and incredibly legit. I used to LOVE your guides for PS2 version of Madden, I always felt like I had a LEG UP on my competition ( rather or not that was true or not I can not say--I have always suched but love football so played anyways,lol).
      My question is concerning the 2011 guides for NCAA 11 and MADDEN 11 that are both soon to be released. I do not know for certain if you have elected to do tips for both games or not--but if so I am 100% INTERESTED.
  Rodney N.,Sr. 

You have the best guides in the bussness and always produce a product better the expected .Please keep up the good work and keep me on your long time customer list I buy Ncaa football and Madden

Good stuff bro, u got some GREAT stuff on this 1, I am considering just running with the ebooks you put out in the future, I already had a respectable record, but since i got your ebook this weekend, I went 8-0 & went up 2 levels, & haven't lost a franchise game!! Keep up the good work


I just wanted to say thank you for the madden guides. I used your guide from madden 11 last year, and it improved my game tremendously. I especially like to counter nano glitchers to the point of making them quit. (that is probably my fav. part of madden)! Your guides are an excellent tool, and you guys do a great job. I recently purchased your madden 12 guide, so I can continue to improve. My job doesn't allow me much time to lab, but I'm pretty good on the sticks and with your guide it gives me a major edge on even good competition. Thanks again.



just thought id let u no that i have just reached #1 ranking in madden 12 on ps3. i am MAD-CITY-W***. thanx for all yer help. i have been a customer of yours for approx. 5 years, just thought id let u no . GO PACKERS and go MAD-CITY-W*** . WOOOOOHOOOOO



I just want to say I enjoy ur weekly updates.  My money was well spent here.  I was hesitent in the beginning but now I know ur legit.  I like the fact that u give out ebook material and extra things not just all glitches.  I could care less for the glitches but it feels good to know what Im up against and how to stop it.  I just wanted to express my gratitude and say that I will be purchasing ur Madden 12 guide when u release it.  Thanks...


your doing a awesome job with these guides i really like them and it helped me become a better player and beat some of the best players on the internet thanxs


David once again thanks for all your effort and time you've put into madden 11 playbooks and glitches you done a outstanding job let's hope our cowboys come back this year and the lockout gets lifted I'll be a 2012 guide buyer


               That 2010 Madden guide is DEEPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! I absolutely was BLOWN away with how DEEP and how in depth the guide is. That guide is literally a BOOK, a BOOK of collective Madden 10 tips.
              I truely believe if I had anything CLOSE to this deep of a guide for the ps2 version of Madden 10, I would of never lost a game----I mean DAMMMMMMM!!!! I won nearly 70% of my online games on PS2 last year as it was,  I can almost be assurred that a guide like yours would of put me in position to win at least 60% of the games I ended up losing---so potentially I could of won as much as 88% of my online games to my best estimate..So instead of being like 105-43 ( winning pct of .710) online, I would of been like 130-18 (or winning pct of .880) online and certainly in top 30 online. Incredible!!!!!
              This will be my FIRST year playing any sort of sports game titles on the PS3 system using a PS3 game  ( in past 3 years , I have played ps2 madden on the ps3 system) so I have a LOWER expectation of what I should or should not do when it comes to actually winning or losing. My hopes , initially at least, was to simply be competitive in most games ( that is, try to stay within 10 points of opponent 80-90% of games I play online)  and to actually attempt to pull off wins 50-55% of the time.
             HOWEVER, given that your Madden 10 guide is sooooo DEEP, I assume that the Madden 11 and NCAA 11 game guides will be equally as deep and therefore I will have that lil' EXTRA that I need to cut down on my ADJUSTMENT PERIOD that everyone says naturally occurs when jumping from a past generation to a new generation Madden version.  David, with help of your guide, I now have ALTERED my expectations somewhat. In the NCAA 11 game, I expect to remain competitive at least 90-95% of the time ( there always seem to be some peeps that just have TOO MUCH SKILL)  and to actually win at least on a 70-80% rate. Over a 100 game span, that would be an EXPECTATION of 20-30 MORE WINS then previously hoped for.
          For Madden 11, seeing as how it seems to be the DEEPEST of your tip guides, I again EXPECT MYSELF to remain competitive at least 90-95% of the games, but also expect to pull off the victory at least 75-85% of the time ( since I am more familar with the Madden title than I am with the NCAA title) so I'm looking to gather 75-85 WINS and be COMPETITIVE in 5-10%  OTHER games  , so after a 100 game stretch I'm looking to be atleast 75-25 and as high as 85-15 and to have been defeated by greater than 10 points less than 5-10 games ( or 5-10% of the games played overall).
              In Short, YOUR GUIDE will and has in the past make me at least 50-75% BETTER (based on expectation of up to 85 wins from initial hopes of 50 wins).
            David---I am SO EXCITED looking into my future gaming experience with the switch over from PS2 versions into the new generation PS3/360 versions of Madden ( and NCAA---well, I have NOT played NCAA on any level beforehand so that point is useless--lol). I know now that I can log on, get to the practice mode and effectively create me a game scheme that works for me without having to run through the 1000 or so plays there are throughout the various playbooks trying to find plays that I CAN DO. That last point is VITAL, to recieve tips that are USEFUL FOR ME. So many times someone better than you will give you a tip or play or scheme, but their scheme is NOT realistic to be pulled off by you because of the particular skills set that you do or do not already possess ( well, not YOU but ME,lol!!! Im certain you likely have unbelieveable .  All I can say David is THANKS, thanks for allowing the very few extra hours I have/will have be utilized for ENJOYMENT of the games I play as opposed to being used all up trying to LEARN HOW to play the games I play. You have given me BACK COUNTLESS HOURS, and have MINIMIZED my FRUSTRATION LEVEL now and in the near future. My wife-to-be, my kids, and MY SLEEP will ALL benefit ( lol!!!). This might be one of the greatest investments I have ever paid out for entertainment value.
                                                                   Again Thanks,
                                                                   Rodney N, Sr.

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